Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Xu Beihong (1895-1963)
Xu Beihong was a master of both oils and Chinese ink. Most of Xu Beihong works, however, were in the Chinese traditional style. In his efforts to create a new form of national art, Xu Beihong combined Chinese brush and ink techniques with Western perspective and methods of composition. Xu Beihong integrated firm and bold brush strokes with the precise delineation of form.
As an art teacher, Xu Beihong advocated the subordination of technique to artistic conception and emphasizes the importance of the artist's experiences in life. Of all of the Painters of the modern era, it can be safely said that Xu Beihong is the one painter most responsible for the direction taken in the modern Chinese Art world. The policies enacted by Xu Beihong at the beginning of the Communist Era continue to control not only offical Government Policy towards the arts, but they continue to control the overall direction taken in the various Art Colleges and Universities throughout China.
After his death in 1953, the Xu Beihong Museum was established at his home in Beijing.

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